The LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann

LaserShield: Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield: Anthony Dohrmann wasn’t just a flash in the creative pan. It was the perfect mix of more than 20 years of up close and personal connection with the home security market. It was his dream to offer a quality system that was user friendly and effective. Wherein, the LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann…

Home Safe Home with Anthony Dohrman

Accidents happen, right? Not necessarily. In fact, some of the most common injuries that occur at home don’t have to happen.

Anthony Dohrmann of Lasershield; Safe and Sound

Anthony Dorhmann, husband and father, understands the peace of mind that comes from having a security system in place. That’s why he took such deliberate steps to ensure Laser Shield was the best quality for the best value.

Anthony Dohrmann of LaserShield’s Top 10 Security Tips

Did you see this recent press release? CEO and Security Expert, Anthony Dohrmann, says crimes against seniors are rising, offers 10 safety tips. According to the Department of Justice, there are two general categories of financial crimes against the elderly: fraud committed by strangers, and financial exploitation by relatives and caregivers. Elders may seem to…

Anthony Dohrmann Interview in “Albuquerque Journal First.”

Anthony Dohrmann: “Las Cruces firm planning nationwide growth.” “It’s always about growth,” Dohrmann said. “We’re doing quite a bit of R&D. We are trying to grow more markets, and Albuquerque is one of those markets.” As are 49 other cities, he said. For 2015, the company has launched a plan to bring on thousands of…

Anthony Dohrmann’s ECG Fall Lab

Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver Company presents the Mobile Fall Risk Assessment Laboratory. Learn more about the senior-safety outreach program in this video.

Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield

Learn about LaserShield by Anthony Dohrmann in this video from 2006. The world’s first plug’n’go alarm is still the simplest solution on the market to instant professional-grade security.