Why Cell Phones Often Don’t Help

The problems are not a few

The first problem with phones is that they’re an obvious threat during confrontations with criminals, and they’re hard to hold on to when people fall from the ground level, off a ladder, off a chair, or off a bicycle. To be genuinely protected you’d have to hold onto your phone during traumatic circumstances or attacks, you need time to dial and a clear mind to do it under any kind of duress, and you’d have to have the phone virtually stapled to your palm. Phones are often sitting on a table or in a snatched purse, and when we’re injured or accosted, we just can’t rely on phones to help us.

We hear story after story of people who activated Electronic Caregiver after an incident where they were injured or compromised, and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t reach a phone in time despite the fact it’s as little as 10 feet away. Sometimes it’s on a counter, and a person on the ground can’t rise to reach it, though it’s right above their head. Electronic Caregiver is your safety net. It’s on your wrist, it’s always active, you’ve got a tether to assistance anytime you need it.

Unexpected Visitors

Be careful of unexpected knocks at the door. Nobody should be visiting without contacting you first. Unless you have a scheduled package delivery, you never know who is outside the door. Intruders are often not thinking clearly, and the leading cause of intrusion may be money, electronics or precious belongings, but the underlying reason is usually to trade or pawn items for drug money. When people are substance abusers, they are often under the influence when they show up. That means they aren’t thinking clearly, may do something dangerous if they become frightened, and they’re usually paranoid from liquor or drugs. Peepholes are inexpensive. Install one if you don’t have one. Don’t assume the house isn’t worth it or you don’t have anything valuable to steal.

Intruders are often looking for $20-$100 worth of value, and everybody has it. Intruders don’t know what you don’t have, they assume what you do have. Keep a TV or radio on when you leave. Close blinds or curtains at night. Keep the doors locked. Don’t open doors for anyone you don’t know. If someone gets in or you’re frightened, press the Electronic Caregiver button on your wrist. We can hear what’s going on, we record it for law enforcement during an emergency, we can immediately contact the authorities, and it can be the difference between a great outcome or a tragedy. We protect people. Electronic Caregiver is for more than health and wellness. It’s a security system for your health and personal safety.



Ever been lying in bed and heard glass break? Ever worried someone was in the house? Lock your doors and windows, leave a radio playing when you’re away, have a neighbor pick up newspapers if you’re gone for more than a day. Put up a sign on your gate that says you have a dog even if you don’t. Ask Electronic Caregiver for some free security window decals and look carefully at your home before you enter after returning from shopping and errands. We’ve had many reports of people returning home to find people in their home. If the client had looked more carefully, they would have seen activity, broken glass, a damaged door or a screen removed from a window. If you have a concern, enter with a neighbor not alone and push your button on your Electronic Caregiver Premier system. Let us enter with you, so you are protected with professional resources. If you hear a suspicious noise at night, press the button on your wrist. As you investigate carefully, we’ll be connected and in communication with you every step of the way. That’s peace of mind on your wrist and beneficial support and protection.


All you must do is turn on the news. People of all ages are confronted by scary people on campus, in mall parking lots, outside the grocery store, driving to or walking up to an ATM machine or bank, and even opening the door to an unexpected perpetrator. Keep your eyes peeled. Don’t be frightened but be aware. Trust your intuition if you get a terrible feeling. Park near bright areas. Keep an eye in the rear and side-view mirrors. There are many cases of questionable characters following clients home and walking right up behind them in the driveway or garage.


Don’t live in fear, live in confident awareness and remember that Electronic Caregiver button on your wrist. When in doubt, push it. If you’re wrong, no harm no foul but at least you’ll have someone connected and listening, able to summon assistance immediately. The reassurance when you’re uncomfortable is priceless.

Beast in the Bushes

We hear stories from Maryland, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington and everywhere we have clients. Picture this, you’re walking in the park, walking in your neighborhood, walking to your car, and suddenly an animal appears, and you’ve got a confrontation with the beast. Electronic Caregiver clients have summoned help from dog attacks, cat attacks (yes that happens), snakes, mountain lions, alligators, and Javelina pigs.


With Electronic Caregiver Premier system clients can push a button for help almost no matter where you are at home or on the road. For non-mobile clients with traditional Electronic Caregivers, you can typically summon help up to 2 football fields of range from the center of your home.

Be aware, pay attention, take a friend, and always have your Electronic Caregiver. There have been many cases in the news where even when people are cycling or walking together, both needed immediate help during an emergency as they struggled to defend themselves.

Auto Accidents

We’ve had many clients involved in automobile accidents. A post-impact situation can lead to disorientation and fear. With Electronic Caregiver Premier system clients, the pendant still works if you have your mini-controller in your auto, pocket or purse. Electronic Caregiver monitoring professionals know who you are, can identify where you are, can notify responsible parties and family immediately, know your preferred hospital and your physician. At the push of a button, you can get vital information transferred to responders, and in a pinch, if you’ve gone off the road and nobody witnessed the crash, our familiar voices and connected reassurance is a comforting sound and relief to distressed and welcoming ears.


When not Feeling Well is More

Time and time again delayed treatment leads to unwanted consequences and complications. We want our clients to have the best protection and the best opportunity to extend lifespan, active lifestyles, and to have a quality experience in life and independence. Many clients have reported that they didn’t feel well, but didn’t qualify some vertigo, pain, nausea, trouble breathing or other problem as an emergency. They waited to push the button, and in some cases, waiting was too late.

We’ve been helping our customers understand through education and communication, that the best time to use your private connection to the monitoring facility by pushing your button is at the first sign of trouble. Don’t delay, don’t wait. We have trained operators waiting to help you determine if there’s a real escalating health situation or problem that needs some attention.

We typically don’t get stronger, faster and healthier as we age. Hearing, vision, liver, and kidney function for metabolizing medications, and general agility declines as the years pass, and it’s starting early, usually in the 40s.

If you don’t have PocketMD service, you may want to add it to your plan for $10 per month. It provides 24/7 physician-on-demand service for unlimited consulting from the comfort of home. For Electronic Caregiver Premier customers, you can use the device to reach the service. A doctor can answer questions and for non-emergencies even call a prescription in for many cases without you having to visit urgent care when you fall ill. Call us to learn more and use your basic service and pendant anytime you’re not feeling well whether it’s an emergency or not. Early intervention leads to quality living.



Gravity is everywhere! It pulls us down and applies itself to our bodies when sleeping, when standing, when walking, when traversing stairs and stoops, when entering and exiting the car, when bathing, when cooking, everywhere, all the time. Weather all year round can make gravity even more dangerous than it already is. We slip on wet concrete, we slide on ice, we slip on grease or residue runoff, and it can alter our daily living experience forever if we fall.

Proper footwear and increased attention can help, but gravity is often more persistent than our focus. Everyone will have a fall, and likely more than one. When cleaning, decorating, rearranging, rising, sitting, showering, or walking around an open dishwasher door, we’re always at risk. The Electronic Caregiver is your live preserver and independence security. The #1 reason for admission to a trauma center for people age 60 and above is a fall from the ground level. In reality, falling happens to people of all aging. Falling is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to end your life or take your independence. Keep that pendant on!

Use the convenience of our Electronic Caregiver wrist pendants, and use them if you fall. You might rise after the first, but not after the second and the average length of time an active individual lies in wait for help without an Electronic Caregiver, is 18 hours and that’s too long. Why have pain and suffering, and the consequences of delayed treatment? Push the button and thrive with immediate support and assistance!


If you have people you care about living alone, or managing life with a chronic illness, if they’re active, love it and want to remain that way, Electronic Caregiver is the best way to preserve active independence and experience living with greater protection, confidence, and assurance. As a client, you’ve chosen to put an emergency and protection plan in place, and it’s accessible, valuable, and a life-saving blessing.

If you help us spread the word and engage more people who need the personal safety and protection of Electronic Caregiver, we’ll provide you with a $50 Visa gift card you can spend at your please, for every friend or family member you help us activate and protect. Electronic Caregiver is not like other services. It’s packed with value. It’s like an urgent care and security system working 24/7 and connected to a highly skilled, caring team of monitoring professionals who live and breath each day, for your service and well being. Help others benefit, and we’ll help you as well. We have clients and friends that have referred and helped protect and save so many people, they’ve gathered enough gift cards to reimburse their service for years.


Our clients have discovered year after year, not only does Electronic Caregiver help keep their friends and loved ones connected, safe and together, it saves them money. Expedited response, early intervention, medication reminders, improved communication, with superior monitoring and safety benefits, results in better health and wellness, less out of pocket health costs, less need for long-term care, less loss of the ability to live independently at home, less personal property loss, less injury, and all that means Electronic Caregiver helps keep money in people’s pockets. Sometimes just our advice has preempted tragedy, and we look forward to providing valuable information in the future about risks, security, scams, and other useful data you can put to use to live a more fulfilling, creative, productive and meaningful life.

Let us know if you if there’s any information you’d like us to look into or ideas you might have for future product enhancements and know we’re grateful for the relationship. No product, no people, no world is perfect but if we can provide excellent customer service and support, if your communications with us are uplifting and we respond quickly to your needs, then together we can continue serving clients just like you with an excellent reputation for consideration and care.