Christmas Ads and Saving Lives?

As the Christmas music is playing softly in the background, I search for just the right photos to use for our 2018 Christmas ad campaign. Even though it’s only the end of October, I can feel the wisps of cold air on my cheeks and smell the fireplace aroma that settles a heart.

I look at one picture after the next with a wave of emotion sweeping over my soul. Each one seems to revive some long-forgotten memory of Christmas past. The music reaches a crescendo as I stare at a good photo of some house decorated for the holidays when almost as if in a divine appointment, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas” begins playing in my app.

The lump in my throat grows. The tears make their way to the very edge of my eyelids. I savor a few beautiful memories of my Father and Mother aka, Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. Fully realizing now what was lost to me then, all the sentiment, love, and all the work that went into every single magical Christmas moment. Craftily and carefully created to bring about the most joy possible and the best memories ever. That was their challenge, and it was the goal they so easily met every year. I hope they knew. They achieved it. They made those memories. They last. Even now, they last. I carry those memories today. But I digress, although it was beautiful. Thank you for hanging out with me in that space for a minute.

The point? The point is every family has a story, right? Every family has Christmas memories. I hope yours are in a positive category and not in the ‘My weird uncle Ray ruins it every year” category. If you smile when you think of them, you’re the one I need to reach today. You. You and your memories of days-gone-by. You and the memories you count on making in the future. Like you count on breathing.

It’s inconceivable even to allow your mind to participate in the line of thought that one day there will be no more memories of your parents and the holidays. Well, not any new ones anyway. I never considered this year or that one would be the last one. I just always took it for granted they’d be in every Christmas season, like the tree or the music or the gifts, just permanently there somehow. It never dawned on me that it would ever be different than it actually was.

Every Christmas an average 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 years-of-age. At the time of this writing, that will remain a fact for another decade. As the Boomers age, we have different ideas about what our 60’s and 70’s might look like. We see ourselves active, still employed, at least part-time. We see ourselves traveling, working, playing and living long. We don’t understand ourselves to be old. No way. And we certainly don’t see ourselves residing anywhere other than in our own homes. And Christmas future? No worries right?

The sad truth is more and more Baby Boomers are heading towards a transition into a facility, and it’s not pretty. Not pretty, especially when the reason they are now facing that dilemma could have been drastically reduced or even eliminated!

For instance, when they had that knee replacement, they could have been reminded of when to take those meds correctly. When they had that ‘minor’ cardiac event, they could have received intervention within minutes and reduced the amount of damage their body sustained. When they experienced that fall all alone, they could have received immediate intervention instead of being ‘discovered’ eleven hours later. And on and on it goes. It’s so sad, especially when it doesn’t have to go that way at all.

There’s technology that prevents some of these life-altering moments and offers immediate assistance if one of those becomes a crisis. There’s technology that knows your name, knows your needs and is discreet and stylish. There’s technology my Mom and Dad could have significantly benefitted from in their day. What is it?

It’s called the Electronic Caregiver Premier, and you need to look at what could change the game for you before the game changes and becomes unchangeable for the rest of your life. It’s home health automation, and you could utilize it to stay active, safer, healthier, live longer and to reside in your own home independently.

Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s one you love. Your parent, grandparent, neighbor, or friend. Maybe your friend’s child! Our youngest customer turns six-years-old next year, and his Mom loves our system. Our college student customers love our systems too, not to mention our friend Julie with ALS out in the Midwest. This system is protecting so many at risk and literally saving lives. And we are proud of that. And we are proud of our staff who work tirelessly to make sure every customer feels like family.

So, call us at 800-252-7655. Or email us at, or just go check us out at You can even message us on Social Media right here: and we will work with you to figure out exactly what you need. And, we won’t try to sell you what you don’t need because it’s just how this ECG family does things. During the changing seasons, during Christmas, and every other day of the year, you and your loved ones deserve to stay protected.

Now, if you will excuse me, there are some ads that need creating and some lives that need saving. You know, some future Christmas memories that need protecting…today.
It’s just what we do.

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