ECG-About Us


(Even though it’s About our Clients)

On so many websites you will find the ‘About Us’ sections filled with news, awards, history and, frankly, a half page or more of boring stuff. Here, we don’t do boring. We do life! We love saving them and we love making lives better. So, with that in mind, (and around here that’s always in mind), we thought you’d like to hear it straight from the staff, you know all that stuff ‘About Us’. So here you go!

In one sentence why do you like working at The Electronic Caregiver Company?

“Working on the next gen system and my excitement about how it will save lives.” Robert

“I like to make sure that our dealers have what they need, which prepares them to offer the very best customer service.” Sebastian


“There’s an honesty in the caring about what I do and I find that most refreshing.” Mark


“I love knowing that I am helping people.” Christy


“I love that we are all about saving lives.” Lucy


“One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing the gratitude from family members

that their loved one is safe.” Nathan


 “Knowing I will positively impact another human’s life even though I may never meet them.” David


 “I enjoy giving people peace of mind that their loved ones will get help when they need it.”


 “I get to contribute to the growth of a company that truly impacts so many lives in so many ways.” Jana

“There is absolute POWER in numbers and I’m proud to be numbered amongst the employees who are helping countless others for a living.” Teri


“I love my job because The Electronic Caregiver is a “security system for the body” that helps people to have independence longer; even when an accident or medical issue occurs.  Life is for living, giving, loving – the ECG provides safeguards for the one body we have been given to enjoy. “Dacia


“I love what I am doing with the electronic caregiver company because of the immediate positive impact that we have on peoples’ lives. I have had conversations with families that have used our system to  save the life of a loved one and that’s a feeling like none other.” Ed


It’s about life. It’s about making someone else life a little bit better today. It’s about letting life live a little longer and a lot more safely. It’s about how I wish my family could have had a system for my parents.  Jan


“The reason I became a nurse is because I wanted to do something meaningful and make a difference in the lives of my patients; providing Electronic Caregiver system in the homes of people who need the protection, more than they know, allows me to make a difference for them not just on that day, but it protects them daily from unnecessary pain and suffering, loss of independence, even death.” Pam


“As a daughter of aging parents, I understand the feeling helpless when your loved ones need you, and you can’t be there. I want to make it easier for others to find ECG solutions so they can get help immediately.” Audra

And there’s the employee ‘why’ they do what they do, and I just thought you’d like to read them!     Tony