It Begins!

The following is a letter sent out recently by one of the newest Master Dealers for The Electronic Caregiver Company.


This dealer has already reached more than 50 business with more than half interested in becoming ECG partners. All that in less than 2 months! He is a Hero and is already saving lives! Do YOU have what it takes to be a Hero?

Copy that!Dear friends

You know I’m a dedicated fanatic when it comes to health and wellness. I love the work I do to help people with their nutrition and fitness. As I’ve worked with a lot of younger friends, families and professionals there have been continual discussions arising about another group of special people with specific and often very complicated needs that are frequently not being addressed.

I’m talking about our parents, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles, and the people we love that are dealing with life and a chronic illness. And our elderly family members and neighbors. Our wonderful family of medical professionals are often in-the-know about new technologies and changing industry conditions. Fortunately, my father learned about a wonderful company that was looking for a market leader to manage a new territory.And that  is how I was introduced to the Electronic Caregiver Company.

They provide automated home care systems to help families alleviate the stress and worry of juggling life at home and their personal careers, while worrying about aging loved ones. This company has a $50 per month solution that does an incredible job of caring for the people we love. Their systems are typically and almost exclusively recommended through hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, home health operators, medical equipment providers, audiologists and senior care providers.

I’ve met with the CEO and their team at the corporate headquarters in Southern New Mexico. They’ve taken over the 10th floor of the Wells Fargo Tower and are now beginning the transition to take over the 9th floor.

Later this month I’m meeting dozens of other market leaders for a training and executive director summit. I will be immediately relocating to the new market and have accepted the position to take over the management and development of all the health and senior care providers and end users in this prime market. It’s an amazing opportunity. We’ll own equity in every client, in the overall market and will participate in stock option plans in the company.Please keep us in prayer and in mind as we take on one of the leading market territories in the country.

We are becoming very familiar with the awesome services and products offered. They expedite response during emergencies, spot escalating situations and intervene early so the people we love retain their dignity, independence and the ability to live safely in their homes. The products coming next year involve a virtual caregiving experience unlike anything ever seen and the confidential partners, affiliates and foundation they’ve built for it, are mind blowing!. We can’t hardly wait until the public announcements are made.

I’ll keep you informed about our new adventure as the process unfolds. I’ll make sure to send lots of pictures, update you with our new address, and make sure all of you know how to leverage me to care for the people you love. We all know people that may be in need of some support.

I’ll also make sure to take care of those who may have key connections in health and senior care, who are looking for improved outcomes, profitable new services, and a meaningful offering that really enhances the lives of our elderly and their families. The right introduction may be very lucrative.

We love and appreciate you all and can’t wait to provide you continued updates. Pray for our ability to digest information quickly and for the success of our mission to unite communities for the wellbeing and safety of the aging; a population that will more than double in the coming 25 years. And as it does, we’ll be ready to serve.

Thank  you in advance for your encouragement as I know each of you to be incredibly supportive, and I am exceptionally grateful.  

It begins!

Yours truly



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