Together we make a profound difference for families and the important lives around us. We’re a proactive group of citizens who support and help each other prevent grief by watching out for at-risk family members, loved ones, the aging and ill. We work together to improve quality of life, extend independence, reduce risks, cut medical costs and make sure everyone in-need has the smart protection to thrive.

As a team, we learn together, stay informed together, laugh together, cry together, triumph together and encourage each other. We also prosper together while helping save lives and bless the families we care about helping them enjoy more precious time together.


As humans, we do what we do to positively impact other humans and those who love them. Just like our families, we believe all families should have a fighting chance for their Seniors to age-in-place right at hone. More than 80% of Boomers surveyed by Senior Helpers stated that they and/or their parents wanted to age at home.

Let us help you help them and those in your neighborhood, church, store and town by you becoming a HERO!  A hero? Yes, indeed!


Find out more about referring your loved ones, friend and neighbors for an Electronic Caregiver home health automation system or a LaserShield home security system. If you referral activates a system, we will send you a $50 VISA Gift Card as our way of saying thanks for passing on the love!

Caring for a living! If you or someone close to you want to make a real and lasting impact upon families with Seniors, why not make sure they are protected? And their friends. And their friends! Find out right here how you can become of our next 50 Master Dealers!

Call us. 1-800-Alarm-55

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