Anthony Dohrmann looks to the future

Anthony Dohrmann understands the significance of being present for the moment, acknowledging the present victories and being grateful for today. However, he also is keenly aware of the changing medical alert industry. He sees those companies who are stuck in the same pathway from ten years prior.

There’s no movement on anything except maybe the cost of their product and certainly the cost of their contracts. Somehow, that is not where Anthony Dohrmann’s vision is focused and we are better for it. Anthony Dohrmann looks to the future.

What DOES the future of medical alert look like?

Foremost, to some of these companies, the future looks like more of the same. But to Anthony Dohrmann and the Electronic Caregiver, the future could not be more exciting, vibrant or challenging. And that is why he, and his team of exceptional staff, are optimistic. They get up every morning and try to bring the future just one more step closer today.

The future of medical alert systems is not simply a means to call for help. They are systems that can actually prevent customers from ever calling for help. You read that right…prevent customers from ever calling for help!

New Technology

First of all, the new technology that Electronic Caregiver is including in its’ next generation system is beyond anything on the market currently. Imagine an assistant, a helper, a companion and one which also calls for help. It will interpret so many more things in the customer’s environment. This will be the next best thing to having another person right there in the room.

Secondly, falls will be immediately reported thereby wiping out the current average 18 hour wait time. Smoke and CO will immediately be reported to the Fire and Rescue instead of routing that info elsewhere first.

Thirdly, adherence to medication schedules will impact the fall rate among Seniors dramatically. One of the most comforting new features will be that these systems will interact, answer questions, and look up information. They will read out loud and even tell an occasional joke or two.

And finally, by monitoring movements, interventions will happen sooner. In reminding customers to take their medications, incidents of all sorts will be totally avoided.

Anthony Dohrmann looks to the future

In conclusion, when Anthony Dohrmann looks to the future, he sees lives being saved and people aging more safely in their own homes. He envisions families living with more peace. His company moving into ever increasing ways to positively affect the lives of his customers and their families. New technology, unheard of before features, and lives saved. Yes, the future looks bright for Anthony Dohrmann and the Electronic Caregiver Company.

Contact us about customizing a system for your loved one. Refer a friend or neighbor for a no cost, no obligation consultation. When they activate their new system we will send you a VISA Gift Card. It’s our way of saying thanks for loving them so well.

Here’s to the future! We hope yours looks as hope-filled and positive as it does at The Electronic Caregiver Company.

Learn more about the current features of the Electronic Caregiver systems here:

Contact us today by phone at 1-800-Alarm-55. (800-252-7655) or visit our website at

We will be glad you called. You will too.

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