Anthony Dohrmann talks security

First and foremost, Anthony Dohrmann talks security. All the time. He talks it to anyone who cares enough about the safety and security of their family to listen. It’s neither an easy topic to think about or to discuss. But every family should do both and then make a plan. Here are four simple tips on the Home invasion topic:

1. Make a family Plan

2. Assign a ‘danger phrase’

3. Use your monitored security features

4. Invest in protective measures.

Anthony Dohrmann of Laser Shield has a family he loves just like you do. That’s why he developed one of the simplest, and most dependable home security systems on the market. However, you cannot use “your monitored security features” if you don’t have any!

LaserShield Security Features

In fact we have 7!

1. Motion sensing detection units ensure your loved ones will receive a message warning them of intrusion so they don’t startle a home invader, preventing a violent confrontation.

2. Perimeter defense is maintained by door and window sensing devices, alerting members of the home who may be sleeping when an unwanted stranger breaks in.

3. Glass break detection backs up the LaserShield Home Security Plus system’s perimeter defense and provides a strong safety net while you are at home or away.

4. Environmental hazards can be avoided using the carbon monoxide, smoke, flood, freeze and heat devices.

5. Keychain remotes allow easy one-touch arming and disarming of your home security system. It also provides a panic feature that quickly alerts LaserShield’s central station that you need help right away.

6. Sirens are important safety features to your LaserShield security system. A 105 decibel siren blares while strobe lights disorient an intruder allowing you and your family get to safety.

7. Highly trained LaserShield personnel dispatch emergency help when your family is faced with a threat. Focus on getting your loved ones to safety with the knowledge first responders are on their way.

Significantly though, what about OUR responders? Who will be answering the call if you need to make the call?

Rapid Response is unmatched, unbeaten and technologically cutting edge. Think twice before handing your family’s future over to a company that cares more about your monthly fee than your family’s safety. Take a look:

LaserShield not ONLY for Homes!

Lastly, LaserShield’s Instant Security System provides an ideal small business solution.  LaserShield Instant Systems require no installation. They actually set up in a matter of seconds.  Using LaserShield’s Instant Security System is even easier than setup, without the hassles of keypads. You can arm and disarm your LaserShield Instant Security System with the touch of a button on wireless keychain remotes.

Find us on the web at and discover the system that works the best for your needs. Buy it today, be protected tomorrow!

Or you can call our customer service representatives who would be happy to walk you all the way through the process of identifying your best system, getting it ordered and getting it shipped to you right away.

You can reach them at 800-252-7655.

In conclusion, we are finding when Anthony Dohrmann talks security, people listen. They take to heart his heart for protecting as many families as possible within the realities of a working families’ budget. For once, you too, can afford to keep your family protected!

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