Anthony Dohrmann Secures Freedom for Seniors

Anthony Dohrmann’s Senior Freedoms coincide with Webster’s Dictionary’s synonyms of the word ‘independence’ as free, independent, sovereign, autonomous; meaning not subject to the rule or control of another. Free stresses the complete absence of external rule and the full right to make all of one’s own decisions <you’re free to do as you like>. Independent implies a standing alone.

More than 85% of Seniors recently polled stated they want to age-in-place at home. We can help with that. And we celebrate their independence along with them!  Because we treasure freedom, on so many levels.

Anthony Dohrmann’s Freedom for Seniors

In the blog called ‘Senior Living, Dangers of Seniors Living Alone’ posted on September 17, 2015 by Sarah Stevenson, she addresses the massive increase in the number of Seniors living alone; “The Administration on Aging reports that about 29%, or 11.3 million older adults lived alone in2010. …Keeping track of physical symptoms, mental health, and senior nutrition is of critical importance. Warning signs that living alone is no longer safe for an older adult include medication management issues…”

Electronic Caregiver Systems include electronic medication management. It reminds users daily that it’s time to take their medications, of their upcoming medical appointments and so much more. Freedom to live as one chooses is a treasured right in our country. Electronic Caregiver wants to help extend that freedom to Senior citizens for as long as is safely possible.

Autonomy loses when one falls

The word ‘autonomous’ stresses independence in matters pertaining to self; the right to make one’s own decisions, choices, live life in the way one chooses. Unfortunately, one unattended fall in the life of a Senior can reduce or eliminate their autonomy. If they are one of the average US Seniors who fall,  they will lay unattended for 18 hours. EIGHTEEN HOURS!

Early intervention and medical care can greatly reduce the medical and future life consequences of a slip, trip or fall in a Seniors’ life. We at Electronic Caregiver want to drastically REDUCE the time between a medical event and the time your loved one receives intervention. It is our goal to help you help them maintain their autonomy and freedom to live life while aging-in-place.


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