Anthony Dohrmann’s Freedom for Seniors

Anthony Dohrmann Lengthens Freedoms for Seniors

Anthony Dohrmann’s Senior Freedoms coincide with Webster’s Dictionary’s synonyms of the word ‘independence’ as free, independent, sovereign, autonomous; meaning not subject to the rule or control of another. Free stresses the complete absence of external rule and the full right to make all of one’s own decisions <you’re free to do as you like>. Independent implies a standing alone.

More than 85% of Seniors recently polled stated they want to age-in-place at home. We can help with that. And we celebrate their independence along with them!  Because we treasure freedom, on so many levels.

Anthony Dohrmann’s Freedom for Seniors

In the blog called ‘Senior Living, Dangers of Seniors Living Alone’ posted on September 17, 2015 by Sarah Stevenson, she addresses the massive increase in the number of Seniors living alone; “The Administration on Aging reports that about 29%, or 11.3 million older adults lived alone in2010. …Keeping track of physical symptoms, mental health, and senior nutrition is of critical importance. Warning signs that living alone is no longer safe for an older adult include medication management issues…”

Electronic Caregiver Systems include electronic medication management. It reminds users daily that it’s time to take their medications, of their upcoming medical appointments and so much more. Freedom to live as one chooses is a treasured right in our country. Electronic Caregiver wants to help extend that freedom to Senior citizens for as long as is safely possible.

Autonomy loses when one falls

The word ‘autonomous’ stresses independence in matters pertaining to self; the right to make one’s own decisions, choices, live life in the way one chooses. Unfortunately, one unattended fall in the life of a Senior can reduce or eliminate their autonomy. If they are one of the average US Seniors who fall,  they will lay unattended for 18 hours. EIGHTEEN HOURS!

Early intervention and medical care can greatly reduce the medical and future life consequences of a slip, trip or fall in a Seniors’ life. We at Electronic Caregiver want to drastically REDUCE the time between a medical event and the time your loved one receives intervention. It is our goal to help you help them maintain their autonomy and freedom to live life while aging-in-place.


Anthony Dohrmann’s Freedom for Seniors

The LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann

LaserShield: Anthony Dohrmann

LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann
LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann

LaserShield: Anthony Dohrmann wasn’t just a flash in the creative pan. It was the perfect mix of more than 20 years of up close and personal connection with the home security market. It was his dream to offer a quality system that was user friendly and effective. Wherein, the LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann was created, tested, retested, marketed and successfully introduced to America.

Questions about the LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann

Questions About LaserShield

Why is our security system (Laser Shield Q10) $500 down and others are between $149 and $199? Others charge much more, but you’ll see on their advertising that they say “call for quote”. Careful now! There’s some add-ons and upcharges that could make a bugger dent into your budget than you were planning!

Can people sleep with the windows open with the Laser Shield system?

Door/window contacts are annoying for that setup, but are not mandatory, and are preferred by owners who want a “virtual fence” for peace of mind when they are sleeping.

Who actually changes the data on the medical reminder of the ECG if meds and/or med times change?

The consumers’ responsible party or the consumer can email, call or go directly to the dealer to make changes from here if the consumer has a land line. If not then we get a new system, program it and send it all prepaid, overnight at no cost to the consumer.

Will the detector “detect” animal motion and register it as people motion? If not, why?

There is an animal shield provided for the system and the detector doesn’t detect motion from any being under 55 lbs. to avoid false detections. There are two sensors, one designed for normal users without pets indoors and then the secondary one is designed for users with pets up to 55lbs.

Same Day Security, LaserShield and Anthony Dohrmann

One of the most appealing features of the LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann is the simplicity of it’s installation and use. LaserShield is the premier plug-and-go system on the market. It’s advances in technology  allow our users to easily and quickly set up this system and activate it. That was intentional, and also has proven to be what many consumers are looking for. Most of us don’t have the time, the money or frankly, the interest in waiting for our subcontractor to shoe up to make sure our security systems are installed. They even charge for the amount of time it takes to put their marker in your window or on your lawn!

The LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann carries all the features a family could desire in home security and is monitored by the leading national monitoring company right here in the USA, Rapid Response. Review our LaserShield products at:

We will be happy to answers your questions, find the system that’s the best fit for you and walk you through any installation questions you might have. And you won’t have to block off an entire afternoon of your day OR an entire section of your checkbook! LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann…Security you can count on and actually use.

We will be happy to answers your questions to find the system that’s the best fit for you.  We will walk you through any installation questions you might have. And you won’t have to block off an entire afternoon of your day OR an entire section of your checkbook! LaserShield: Anthony Dohrmann is security you can count on and actually use!

The LaserShield of Anthony Dohrmann

Home Safe Home with Anthony Dohrman

HOME SAFE home; Anthony Dohrmann

Home safe home should be the feeling of every family across the nation, every time they enter their homes. Anthony Dorhmann has realized through the years that people don’t realize just how many incidents happen in the home, and believes we all just want to be safe at home!  This is why the LaserShield Home Security System is useful to SO MANY people and their families who find themselves in a panic over an emergency that came about unexpectedly. In addition to the safety and security from burglaries and home invasion, LaserShield is also a tool for unexpected emergencies when help is needed…and needed fast!



Safety in your home; Anthony Dohrmann

Accidents happen, right? Not necessarily. In fact, some of the most common injuries that occur at home don’t have to happen. About a third of all injuries happen in the home, and they tend to hit small children and elderly adults most. While home experienced injuries can be serious or even fatal, preventing them generally just takes a little thought and time.

Over the next few weeks, Anthony Dohrmann will be offering a series of tips for improving the safety in your home on many levels. This first one though, is near and dear to his heart. In fact, it’s why he invented the Electronic Caregiver home medical alert system. He knew that in the United States, a Senior citizen who falls alone, lays for an average of 18 hours without intervention. The consequences of a fall combined with no medical attention can be horrific. You can see this life protector at

Falls are one of the most common and yet most preventable health safety risks, especially to the elderly and to  young children. Falls are the No. 1 cause of home injuries and death in the U.S., according to the Home Safety Council. The two groups most at risk for falls are children younger than 5 and adults over the age of 70 Anthony believes we can all take steps (no pun intended) to prevent way more accidental falls than we do currently.

Home Safety: Anthony Dohrmann Tips for Preventing Falls

Trying some of the following strategies to prevent falls at home, might help you make it a home safe home.

Let’s start in the one area of the house that sees more falls on average than any other…your bathroom. How about we make the bathroom a no-slip zone instead?  Install grab bars and non-slip mats or appliques in the tub or shower. Use a bathmat with a nonskid bottom, like one of those memory foam super-absorbent mats. They’re great at soaking up the water as well as comfy on your feet!

Safety-proof stairs. Remove clutter from stairs and walkways. Stairs inside and out should have handrails, preferably on both sides. Have good lighting over stairs. Install that baby gate BEFORE they begin to crawl. For babies and toddlers, install hardware-mounted safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs. Pressure-mounted gates are less effective. Gates should have the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Certification Seal. Never use accordion-style gates.

Make yours a Home Safe Home!
  • Put a guard on indoor lofts, landings, balconies, and stair banisters if your child can slip between the posts. Plexiglas is a good option because it bends, is easy to cut, and doesn’t shatter.


More easy tips for home safety from Anthony Dohrmann

Toss the throw rugs. Throw rugs are a big tripping hazard for young and old people. At the very least, tape or tack them to the floor.

throw rug
Everywhere should be home safe home.


Leave a light on. Ideally, have night-lights in bedrooms, bathrooms, and halls. If your crew has a tendency to get up earlier than the sun does, try using timers on your lighting so there’s no stumbling into the bathroom or the kitchen before they’re fully awake!

Guardian Angel Window Guard

Make windows safe. Did you know that New York City cut children’s deaths from window-related falls by a third after requiring window guards? Window screens are not strong enough to prevent falls. Install window guards with quick-release mechanisms (in case of fire) on upper floor windows. Keep furniture away from windows, especially in children’s room, and always watch children around windows.

This is a really great start to begin making your home a safer place for you and all your loved ones. In the coming weeks, we will talk about more ways to make your home safe inside. And remember, LaserShield offers a dependable, easy-to-use solution for making your home safer from external dangers with plans that fit your budget and offers you and your loved ones priceless peace of mind.

Home Safe Home with Anthony Dohrman

Anthony Dohrmann of Lasershield; Safe and Sound




Anthony Dohrmann Gets it!

Anthony Dorhmann, husband and father, understands the peace of mind that comes from having a security system in place. That’s why he took such deliberate steps to ensure Laser Shield was the best quality for the best value.  His vision is simply to protect families.

Anthony Dohrmann decides to Go Bigger!

Anthony Dorhmann is always expanding his products to meet a variety of protection needs, including a “professional” model that offers many of the tradition features of alarm systems without the headaches. Anthony says “We have extraordinary accomplishments behind us, a capable and dedicated team as an unbreakable foundation, and opportunities we look forward to in earnest.”

Anthony Dohrmann’s Seven Successful Layers

Anthony Dorhmann included seven “must-have’s” into his Laser Shield product in order that his consumers would be afforded the best possible protection through his alarm system. He identified seven significant points included in this product for complete coverage, some of which competitors don’t even offer! Anthony’s seven most significant inclusions are:

  1. Motion sensing detection units ensure your loved ones will receive a message warning them of intrusion so they don’t startle a home invader, preventing a violent confrontation.
  2. Perimeter defense is maintained by door and window sensing devices, alerting members of the home who may be sleeping when an unwanted stranger breaks in.
  3. Glass break detection backs up the LaserShield Home Security Plus system’s perimeter defense and provides a strong safety net while you are at home or away.
  4. Environmental devices can help consumers avoid hazards by utilizing the carbon monoxide, smoke, flood, freeze and heat devices.
  5. Keychain remotes allow easy one-touch arming and disarming of your home security system. It also provides a panic feature that quickly alerts LaserShield’s central station that you need help right away.
  6. Sirens are important safety features to your LaserShield security system. A 105 decibel siren blares while strobe lights disorient an intruder allowing you and your family get to safety.
  7. Highly trained LaserShield personnel dispatch emergency help when your family is faced with a threat. Focus on getting your loved ones to safety with the knowledge first responders are on their way.




Anthony Dohrmann of Lasershield; Safe and Sound

Anthony Dohrmann of LaserShield’s Top 10 Security Tips

Did you see this recent press release?

CEO and Security Expert, Anthony Dohrmann, says crimes against seniors are rising, offers 10 safety tips.

According to the Department of Justice, there are two general categories of financial crimes against the elderly: fraud committed by strangers, and financial exploitation by relatives and caregivers. Elders may seem to be easily targeted due to the stereotypes of being poorly informed, being alone, and potentially suffering from mental deterioration. According to a security and senior safety company headquartered in New Mexico, senior citizens are frequent victims of crime, and the problem is only getting worse. More heartbreaking, is to discover that often times theft, manipulation and crime is perpetrated against seniors by family members.

“There are over 40 million seniors and over 10,000 people in America who turn age 65 every 24 hours. This means the population of elderly is growing, and for criminals, it means expanding opportunity”, said Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of the Electronic Caregiver Company. According to the Administration on Aging, by age 75 nearly half of all women live alone, and criminals are watching. “Woman are viewed by criminals as exceptionally vulnerable, but men are also victims of crime. Look at it through the criminals eyes. If you’re an aging individual you’re seen as a person who is less agile, who also has diminished hearing and vision, and who moves a bit slower. You’re less likely to be able to identify a threat, less likely to wake during an intrusion, and less able to defend yourself. Criminals are found to be less empathetic and perceive the elderly as declining in health, and likely not to miss stolen possessions as much. They are selfish.”

Anthony Dohrmann provides some tips to help people make their homes and environments after. His company recently responded to the home invasion of a family in Southern California. Some of the victim’s family and friends spoke about the incident here-

Dohrmann says there are things you can do to make yourself safer:

#1 Lock your doors and windows, and don’t leave the side or garage to house door unlocked.

#2 Plant thorny shrubs under ground floor windows to deter intruders, especially in concealed areas like rear of house.

#3 Use inexpensive light timers and plug lamps into them to give your home a lived-in look.

#4 Avoid letting mail pile up on driveways and porches.

#5 Put up a beware of dog sign and decals.

#6 Keep windows and shades closed so thieves can’t take inventory from outside.

#7 Keep a radio or television playing when you’re away, and hang a small bell from the knob of your entry doors.

#8 Don’t depart and return when it’s dark if you’re alone. Ask someone to go with you, or ask a neighbor to meet you outside.

#9 Fly an American flag outside. Thieves believe flag flyers have firearms.

#10 Get a security system. They’re incredibly affordable and come with signs, window decals and additional deterrents.

“There is no substitute for being aware and prepared. Locks, lights and look. Don’t exit the car is a stranger pulls up behind you. Flash lights and honk your horn. Keep your purses and wallets tightly held and close. Keep a safe distance between you and others. Don’t engage in conversations by phone with strangers. Just because someone claims to be calling from your bank, don’t believe them and don’t give out personal information. Ask for a phone number and call them back. Hang up on people and throw away mail when claims are made you’ve won something. By being smart you win your dignity!


Dohrmann has been in the security business for over 30 years. He founded companies including Gold Coast Security, LaserShield Systems, and the Electronic Caregiver Company. He has both invented innovative security electronic products, as well as working with America’s biggest alarm monitoring partners and retailers to build awareness and market security nationwide across all 50 states. He lives with his wife and children in Southern New Mexico and operates two national companies.


The Electronic Caregiver provides in-home plug-n-go technology to protect seniors during medical concerns, emergencies, and against crime and environmental dangers such as fire and CO gas. The Electronic Caregiver is offered and recommended by physicians, pharmacists, medical equipment companies, senior living providers, medical centers, home health agencies and insurance professionals nationwide. The Electronic Caregiver also offers telemedicine and wellness support services where clients can dial one number 24/7 and access physicians and professionals on demand, resolving 9 out of 10 calls without the need for a visit to the doctor’s physical office. To learn more

Anthony Dohrmann of LaserShield’s Top 10 Security Tips

Anthony Dohrmann- Carlsbad Press Release

Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver Announces San Diego Tour

“By reducing the time of pain, suffering and time to treatment from hours to mere minutes, we reduce hospitalization, medical complications, loss of cognitive and physical function, and mortalities. It is a fulfilling calling.” – CEO Anthony Dohrmann.

See the press release here:

Anthony Dohrmann- Carlsbad Press Release

Anthony Dohrmann Interview in “Albuquerque Journal First.”

Anthony Dohrmann: “Las Cruces firm planning nationwide growth.”

“It’s always about growth,” Dohrmann said. “We’re doing quite a bit of R&D. We are trying to grow more markets, and Albuquerque is one of those markets.”

As are 49 other cities, he said. For 2015, the company has launched a plan to bring on thousands of new dealers and hopes to see big growth in the next 24 to 36 months.

Read the article in it’s entirety here:

Learn more about Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver in the following video, “Procrastination:”

Anthony Dohrmann Interview in “Albuquerque Journal First.”